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amateur slave

There’s nothing like seeing your own little slave girl squirming, squealing and crying as you contort them, twist them and make them suffer simply because you want to see them writhe. You think that the professionals you see are the only ones that go for extreme bondage and humiliation, but they can’t hold a candle to some of the amateurs out there and how much they want to please their masters.

This particular buxom submissive slut knew she was in for trouble when the ropes started going around her body, but she didn’t know how much trouble she was in until he wrenched her arms behind her and pulled her into an intense hogtie. She didn’t even get to complain once he shoved the hook-gag into her mouth, all she could do is whimper as he left here there to suffer in this harsh extended bondage position.

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It’s always a good idea to let your little submissive slut stew in her own juices waiting for whatever you have planned for them. When breaking in a new girl it’s something definitely worth taking your time about. Let them wonder what you’re going to do to them, leave them exposed and naked, embarrassed and exposed so they have to stay there and anticipate the next thing, and the next, since we know that they will come up with more intense things then you can ever do to them. Luckily Frank Gun knows this art rather well, so he makes sure his new toys are practically begging for something to happen before he gets started.

Allison Star gets to wait, with her big tits tied up intensely and a ball-gag in her mouth while Gun gets everything ready for their scene. She has no idea what he’s going to do to her, but she knows he’s going to use her like a little toy and make her suffer. We’re sure she didn’t think that forced orgasms are on her list, but when Frank brings out the hitachi and stretches her out while making her cum again and again. She a good little cocksucker though, and frank makes use of her mouth, her sweet little pussy, until he finally ties her up on her stomach, stretches her out and uses her feet before her frees her just enough to fuck her hard and cum all over her sore body.

Watch this video of Allison’s torture HERE

Kelly and Audrey

Some might think that it’s harder to manage a scene where you have two little painsluts under your control, but those people would be wrong. Sure, it takes a bit more…coordination, but when you have two painsluts working against each other it opens up so many more possibilities for the types of play you can initiate. Often when you get a couple of submissive little girls together they end up competing for how much they can endure so much more than their partner, and you get to play with that.

Kelly and Audrey are both very submissive, and even though they may not be completely bi, they are completely submissive, something that Mark takes quite advantage when he gets the two together. He starts with a little light humiliation by making them lick each other’s asses, before he moves onto some nice predicament bondage with hair bondage and anal hooks, so they can prove how well they suck cock, and the other can feel it. He moves onto some harsh ass-fucking and pussy and breast abuse before he finishes working these two submissive sluts against each other.

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pet girl

Some of the girls that come to us don’t just enjoy the sting of a crop, or the pinch of a clamp. They want to surrender everything and give up what they are and become just little submissive sluts to get fucked, used and commanded. Those girls have a craving that they can’t satiate when they find the ‘nice’ guys that want to treat them with the respect of a princes, or ask them for their every wish, they want to find the guys that tell them to get on their knees, open wide, and suck hard. They just don’t get wet unless they give up their will to their dominant.

Naomie is definitely one of those girls. She’s a pet through and through, and she just begs for a collar. She wants to crawl on the floor, she wants to drink out of her bowl, having her ass up in the air for punishment or fucking makes her soaking wet, so Frank was very eager to get his hands on her. Once her arms and legs are bound, she opens her mouth eagerly and takes in Frank’s cock so he can get a feel for her skill before he really gets to work on her. Nipple clamps, cropping, spanking, begging and humiliation, they are all on the plate until Frank gets tired of her whimpers of pain and fucks her from behind. She just loves his cock so much it shows, especially when she eagerly takes his load.

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upside down suspension

What you can do with a little ingenuity, a truly masochistic slave, and a wicked master is a fantastic thing. Some tools, a sturdy set of rafters, and a winch, and you have a hardpoint that a good master will have endless ways of torturing his little painsluts and submissives. It offers so much utility, especially when you have a painslut that craves more intense sensations, and higher levels of pain. It’s a challenge most sadists relish, because it brings out their creative sides.

This particular submissive slut ends up inverted from the winch, hooded, and restrained with her legs spread wide and her pussy all nice and exposed for her master. He particularly likes taking the wax to her, and with two candles with nice, hot flames she is soon whimpering, squirming and trying to get away as he drips the molten wax all over her sensitive flesh. Even flopping around as she is he gives her a nice wax decoration, before he decides she really just needs something filling her, and what better then a pair of wax candles?

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sadistic bondage

Some submissive sluts think that when they really sink into sub-space they will get to avoid all the torments coming at them. They may think that we don’t know when they’ve become oblivious to all our lovely torments. It’s so much more special when we get a girl like that, and we prove to them that we can snap them back whenever we want. They only get to sink into sub-space when we want them to, and for some of these girls, that’s just not on the plate.

Penny Barber is a professional model, so The Pope had some limitations on what he could do to her, but he is an expert of working within guidelines. Besides, intense rope, a bit of pussy flogging and nipple torture doesn’t leave much in the way of marks, now does it? Penny is usually an expert at drifting away during the worst of the torments, but Pope spotted her easily, and made sure she didn’t get to go anywhere that wasn’t attentive to his…gentle efforts.

Watch Penny tortured and bound on video HERE

suspended and waxed

You think those girls you see getting tied up, fucked, beaten, and tormented are only professionals? After all you have to be a pro in order to take the kind of punishment that you get when you have a pro top tormenting your body. Well, nobody takes punishment like a truly amateur painslut, like this little bondage slut suspended upside down while her top torments her bare pussy, thighs, and ass with the candles. You can hear the whimpers as all the blood rushes to her head, but that’s not nearly as much as the fighting between the blood rushing to her head, and the blood going to her pussy as she gets soaking wet.

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Certain girls start to get full of themselves once they show up and show off a little, and start to get the interest of bigger groups. They forget that they have to stay humble if they don’t want to become colossal bitches, and they need to know what it’s like to be completely out of control now and again. We love breaking those burgeoning bitches down and showing them they’ve not come so far, after all.

Chary thinks she is being oh-so-humble by gracing one of her fans a visit inside her dressing room. She thinks she can give him a flash and a smile, and send him on his way. When he shows up with a knife, and grabs a handful of her hair, she soon realizes that she’s in for a lot more then she thought. She ends up forced to choke on his cock before he binds her up tight and subjects her to some harsh tit-slapping, beating, and fucking as he uses her every which way. She soon is begging for it though and cums again and again as she gets used. She ends up getting off on being used as his personal slut, and just loves it when he ends up unloading all over her face.

Chary gets bound and raped. CLICK HERE

chained in stocks

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a submissive little painslut suffer. People overestimate how intense the pain and humiliation can be when you just put a sub into an awkward position and leave them there. Small feelings can becomes aches, aches become pain and pain becomes agony as they realize that they are trapped, they cannot relieve the feelings, and they are there at the mercy of their top, for as long as they want.

It’s that kind of extreme bondage that brings this girl to her knees, she doesn’t need a heavy beating, just each level of bondage getting more and more uncomfortable adds up to an intense scene. As each layer goes on, the rope, the stocks, the leg restraints, she suffers that little bit more. When the rope goes between her thighs and over her pussy, that’s another little bit of suffering. It does not look like much, but when her legs ache, when the blindfold and gag goes in and she cannot complain about her suffering, when her weight drops down and her pussy is spread open and rubs harder against that rope, it all adds up to extreme bondage and suffering like you cannot imagine.

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bound together - whipped

I don’t tolerate drama between my little painsluts, they don’t get to make demands on my time, they don’t get to fight each other for privileges, and they sure as hell don’t get to make trouble without my permission. Sometimes though I just can’t help but notice it when two of them are starting to make trouble with each other, and as much as I hate to deal with it, I have to take appropriate steps to make sure it does not happen again. If I punish them though, the message does not get through, so I make them handle it themselves.

This time two of my slaves let things simmer so long that by the time I found out about it they already blew up at each other. I dragged them outdoors and gave them each a whip, and let them handle it themselves without clothing. I can be vicious, but these two girls really had it out for each other, and soon they were screaming, crying and lash marks appeared all over them. I made sure they didn’t hurt each other enough that they were useless to me, but otherwise I let them take care of each other how they wished.

Revenge is sweet.. er.. painful?. CLICK HERE to see

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