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It’s always a good idea to let your little submissive slut stew in her own juices waiting for whatever you have planned for them. When breaking in a new girl it’s something definitely worth taking your time about. Let them wonder what you’re going to do to them, leave them exposed and naked, embarrassed and exposed so they have to stay there and anticipate the next thing, and the next, since we know that they will come up with more intense things then you can ever do to them. Luckily Frank Gun knows this art rather well, so he makes sure his new toys are practically begging for something to happen before he gets started.

Allison Star gets to wait, with her big tits tied up intensely and a ball-gag in her mouth while Gun gets everything ready for their scene. She has no idea what he’s going to do to her, but she knows he’s going to use her like a little toy and make her suffer. We’re sure she didn’t think that forced orgasms are on her list, but when Frank brings out the hitachi and stretches her out while making her cum again and again. She a good little cocksucker though, and frank makes use of her mouth, her sweet little pussy, until he finally ties her up on her stomach, stretches her out and uses her feet before her frees her just enough to fuck her hard and cum all over her sore body.

Watch this video of Allison’s torture HERE

sadistic bondage

Some submissive sluts think that when they really sink into sub-space they will get to avoid all the torments coming at them. They may think that we don’t know when they’ve become oblivious to all our lovely torments. It’s so much more special when we get a girl like that, and we prove to them that we can snap them back whenever we want. They only get to sink into sub-space when we want them to, and for some of these girls, that’s just not on the plate.

Penny Barber is a professional model, so The Pope had some limitations on what he could do to her, but he is an expert of working within guidelines. Besides, intense rope, a bit of pussy flogging and nipple torture doesn’t leave much in the way of marks, now does it? Penny is usually an expert at drifting away during the worst of the torments, but Pope spotted her easily, and made sure she didn’t get to go anywhere that wasn’t attentive to his…gentle efforts.

Watch Penny tortured and bound on video HERE

extreme bondage

My love of extreme bdsm has brought me to on more than one occasion. The quality of women they have is a real plus, although it does matter to me really, as long as she’s bound and used. I love their series photos. They start out looking so normal and innocent, then the fun begins and we see them gagged and degraded in no time flat. This cute blonde looks just like my neighbor’s wife, normal enough and the braces are a nice touch. It doesn’t take long before this girl is hog tied with her flesh exposed.

The best part about hog tying is how available and helpless it makes a woman. All holes are ready for penetration and abuse when she’s in a position like this. That’s why it’s such great start to get this dirty bitch bobbing on cock. After several long minutes of her almost choking on some fat dick, we can proceed to some tortuous pussy play. This bitch has such a great set of abused pussy lips. Once those dirty flower petals of hers fold open she is gushing wet and ready to be used roughly, solely for our dominating entertainment use and abuse.

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This sex slave is tied down to a chest while her round nipples are tied and pulled from above her. She loves the feeling of EXTREME NIPPLE PLAY and if she leans back too far it will pull on her nipples harder, watch more nipple play BDSM from Hogtied by CLICKING HERE.

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